Das Projekt wird vom DIE als koordinierende Institution in Kooperation mit Partnerorganisationen aus Griechenland, Österreich, Schweden, Slowenien und Spanien durchgeführt.

Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung
Leibniz-Zentrum für Lebenslanges Lernen e.V.

The DIE was established in 1957 as a research institute. Its socio-political focus is on the development and advancement of adult education in order to improve personal development, social participation and employability for the adult population in Germany.

German Institute for Adult Education
Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE)
Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung e.V.
Leibniz-Zentrum für Lebenslanges Lernen
Goran Jordanoski
Heinemannstraße 12-14
53175 Bonn
+49 228 / 3294 214


 Desarrollo para la Formación e Integración

 Defoin Logo mit Schriftzug

Desarrollo para la Formación e Integración (DEFOIN) was born in 2009 with the idea of promoting training for employment and integration of employed and unemployed workers; a crucial necessity at a time when the economic crisis hit and the skill requirements of workers were high. DEFOIN has extensive experience in the comprehensive management of training plans, as well as specific solutions tailored to the need of design, management and delivery of continuing and occupational training for businesses and employed and unemployed.

Desarrollo para la Formación e Integración (DEFOIN)
Javier Morales Luque
European Project Coordinator
+34 649944296


SwIdeas AB

SwIdeas Logo

SwIdeas is a multi-cultural organization with a focus on community- and business development. We partner with small and medium sized enterprises, NGOs and the public sector, contributing with expertise within start-ups, trade, international development, social development and advisory services. 

SwIdeas AB
Postbox no. 17584,
20010 Malmö, Sweden.
Mob.: +46 (0) 72 286 7707


“die Berater” Unternehmensberatungs GmbH  

die Berater Logo 

“die Berater” Unternehmensberatungs GmbH  focuses on adult education vocational training and human resources development. Founded in 1998 by Martin Röhsner, die Berater®  now employs 350 people in over 40 locations throughout Austria, with additional centres in Slovakia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria.

Our services are aimed at private individuals, national and international companies and organisations in all sectors and of any size, as well as the public sector. die Berater’s main fields of activities are: Adult education, Outplacement and EU Projects and project consultancy.

Christoph Grandits, MA


Andragoški zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje

LUV Logo grau

Ljudska univerza Velenje is public non-profit institution providing adult education. LUV offers formal and informal programmes adapted to adults, young adults and seniors. It provides counselling, especially for people with distance to labour market. LUV cooperates with institutions in the region by promoting the importance of education, by offering its participant’s various educational programmes and by involving them in different EU and national projects.

Mihaela Orozel
Titov trg 2
3320 Velenje
+386 3 898 54 62



dafni Logo

DAFNI  KEK is a certified entity by the Greek  Accreditation Body for Qualifications (EOPPEP) as a certified C-VET  and after the recent (2014) reform of the Educational System is an accredited LLL-Center (Level2) , member of the National LLL-Network.

Core perspective of the institution is to serve the reciprocal and critical consciousness of all involved in the lifelong learning voyage respecting the multiple roles and social status of the adults in relation to that ; unemployed or employed/ retired, parents or educators all symbolic representatives from a broader scope of cultures and lifestyles.

In order this to be realized, awareness of the ‘need’ is in the core of the practices taking part; either of skills development (short Training Planning and Courses on demand) or / and through the critical human exchange of ideas and values reflective process (as citizens of a democratic milieu) by applying Adult Education action research procedures. DAFNI KEK operates in strong connection with the local community by involving them as members and / or beneficiaries of its activities as Learning Centre and in order to facilitate the coexistence of indigenous population with significant Roma / migrant population in the area.

DAFNI KEK – Adult Education Center
Vasiliki Tsekoura